Trump is “Isolated”

The latest MSM theme

The word for the week is “isolated.”

Admittedly, this was somewhat self-inflicted when he tweeted:

Democrats just don’t have a sense of humor much less a sense of irony.

And once again they continue to try to map Donald Trump into the mold of what they consider is a run of the mill politician. This is very much like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Eventually, most people come to understand that no matter how hard you try, it will never work. This, however, does not stop the MSM.

It’s really not that hard to understand — President Trump is not a part of the “ruling class” and he knows it. He’s also Donald Freakin’ Trump and doesn’t particularly want to hobnob with any of them. What he wants is for them to get to work. That’s pretty much it. If he wants to be around people, I’m sure he knows hundreds that are a lot more interesting to spend an evening with than the “Washington elite.”

President Trump only wants to know people in the “ruling class” when they can do something for him and the country. Otherwise, he doesn’t care to spend a moment’s longer than he needs to with them.

As he recently showed by cancelling the Press Christmas Party, he has no interest in hobnobbing with the press either. They are not in the business of Making America Great Again. Most aren’t even in the business of news.

The President is trying to turn a huge battleship called the Government of the United States. As much as people say they want change, change itself is excruciatingly hard to do because there are always winners and losers in change of any significant size. This is why we nibbled around the edge in policy for so many years.

His withdrawal from Syria is a great example of how he will become more “isolated” with State. I’m really encouraged by his move since it’s absolutely the right thing to do. On the other hand, there is no one — zero — at the State Department that benefits from this move. It’s very much like cancelling a product that’s not selling. It might be totally necessary but people will be laid off or have to find other jobs within the company.

So I have no concern that President Trump is “isolated.” In fact, his sense of obligation as well as his core values continues to serve him better than any unsolicited advice he seems to be getting.


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