Trump Backs Down Again on Funding for the Wall

Womp Womp

Trump national guard to the border wall

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced that President Trump has decided not to follow through on his threat to shutdown the government if he doesn’t get funding for his wall in this appropriation bill.

I’m seeing a pattern here: President Trump threatens a shutdown over the wall and/or border security and Congress calls his bluff to shut down the government.

And so far, Trump has folded every time.

President Trump needs to find a better way to get Congress to do what he wants because his threats are proving to be empty showboating measures.

The Senate has floated measures that will grant him funding for repairs for existing fencing and for new fence construction, but not for wall construction. But Democrats have already pledged to kill these proposals.

Will a Trump’s signature issue be addressed before his first term is up? Not likely and it is almost certainly not going to be addressed when the new Congress is seated.


Written by NWC

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