The Nulling & Voiding of America

Welcome to the era of The Null and The Void.

Elections, laws, borders, social contracts, biology, physiology – you name it: if it hasn’t already been nulled and voided the odds are pretty damn sweet it’s gonna be soon.

Let’s take a stroll down Litany Lane, a by-no-means exhaustive list but one that always comes to a dead end.

First, The Big One.  The nulling & voiding of the 2016 presidential election.

This one is no surprise – it’s been in the works since Hillary Clinton sobered up on the morning of The Day After.

Fruition of long-sought goal of reversing Donald Trump’s election is so close that The Resistance can taste it.  The only question really still on the table is will Vice President Pence get the boot as well or might the installation of President Nancy Pelosi look just a wee bit too much like a coup.

Visuals still matter a bit, but the call of The Ring of Power might be worth the stretch.

Don’t like a particular law, or executive order?

Null & void it with a coastal judge (California works very well but there are other eager beaver jurists just bit-chomping for a chance to smack down The Donald.)

National borders?

How quaint.

Nulled and voided thanks to the unholy alliance of the Chamber of Commerce and the La Raza/Reconquista coalition.

Both figure The Crocodile will eat the other first but smart money is on The Progressives because you can’t reason with crazy. (Don’t tell the GOPe tho…)

And baby, it’s cold outside for those old fashioned social contracts – particularly if your a randy Millennial.

Thank you Steve Jobs for the simplicity of iPhone consent contracts before consummating the hook up du jour.

(Court challenge pleading alcohol/dope induced nullness and voidness coming soon on that one sure as the climate changes and globe warms.)

As for biology & physiology, well, a snip & tuck here or a cut & paste there and your Birth Plumbing is as null & void as those antiquated ideas about gender – XX & XY chromosomes be damned.

Don’t even get started on academia: Western Civ, classical literature, common history?

Null, null, null and void, void, void.

The Old Wag was right – the only constants are death and taxes and nullify those you gotta make The Final Leap inta The Void.

A cynic might say it seems there’s still some consistency  out there after all…




Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

Strozek, along with his alter-egos the decadent, drug-addled Sixties refugee Uncle Bruno and his intolerably feminist SJW Cousin Brunoetta have been riding the not-yet crested wave of deplorability with posts covering politics, sports, entertainment and zombies.

Aptly described as both "hilarious and deeply disturbed" Strozek has enthusiastically embraced the recommendation of the late Raoul Duke that "when the going gets weird the weird turn pro."

Although he has fallen far short of his bucket-list goal of writing for such respectable rags as The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News Strozek is grateful for the opportunity to pen his unhinged screeds at Sparta Report and is constantly amazed and delighted at the reception his pieces receive in the cements.


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