The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter 11

1.And Darkness had fallen across the land, and the cuck cucketh proudly, and there was much lamentation from the people of Trump. A bitter fight hath gone for the Democrat, and the republicans returneth to their losing, like a dog to his own vomit. 

2.For behold, the cucks worked in darkness to throw the election to the Democrat. Tea, their secret combinations combineth to work to hamper Trump, and stifleth his supporters into submission.  

3. Yea, the Cuck runneth not for re-election, but wimpeth away because they fighteth not for the American, but for the globalist, the illegal, the muslim, and the nevertrumper. Yea, they worketh in darkness with the chamber of commerce, and the evil ones of the social media, who silenceth the truth, and attacketh all that is good. 

4. They runneth not in many races. They fundeth not in many races. They trieth not in many races, and the democrat harvesteth the vote totheir advantage, and the Cuck silently cheereth across the land. 

5. Verily verily, I saw unto you: That the Cuck fighteth not for conservatism. They fighteth not abortion. They fighteth not for the Wall.They fighteth not for the security of the American People. They abandoneth their platform, and driveth the debt to new heights. 

6. Bitter Flake, who ascendeth the McCain throne for a season, cutteth of the vote of judges, the very judges he claimeth to support becauseof his hatred to Trump. 

7. And Kavanaugh bringeth out the knives of Feinbitch andFlake, who believeth the lie of the harpy, to get Trump. Yea, they teareth at a good man, and no “republican “ cometh to the aid of righteousness, for theirhatred of Trump blindeth them. 

8.But many of the Cuck returneth not to the Congress. They shitteth on the voter and runneth away. Their power used up, and hence must godown to the dust and biteth the ankle of Trump on CNN. Their dark deed successful, and they receiveth their 30 pieces of silver. Yea verily, they shall have their reward. 

9. And Trump helpeth not himself. For cards still layeth on the table to be played. He chooseth not to use them for a purpose known only tohim, and it driveth many to ridicule and scorn. Their faith being tested; the refiners fire burneth them.

10.  And Trump held the Senate and gaineth a few seats. But jackassery remaineth amongst them. A Romney was elected, and Scott calleth Trump racist.  There remaineth hurdles to leap, and chicanery to behold. 

11. And it came to pass that the Economy roareth, despite evil attempts to thwart it. Trump beateth the dragon, and the trade war winneth concessions. For behold, The Land of the Taco signeth the treaty, and the Landof the Northern Pussies signeth as well. The Dragon buying the soybean, and cutteth their tariffs. 

12. Jobs returneth to the land of our forefathers, and the wage riseth up. Unemployment falleth, and more companies announce their creation of jobs, and people were happy. 

13. And it burneth the soul of the cucks and the “experts”who were proven wrong. Truly, they sucketh the tit of the globalist, which drieth up and cankers their lips. 

14. For they seek depression; they seek to hurt the American to punish them for rejecting their kingdom.  Now France burneth; Belgium under the torch; The yellow vest marcheth on.

15. And Flynn, the catalyst of the Russia smear, receiveth no sentence, and the judge troubleth the waters, for he seeth the 302’s are faulty, and shit rolleth downhill from there. Some fighteth against Herr Mueller,and the worm may yet turn against him to rend him a new one.

16. And Trump mocketh the Schumer and Pelosi. Yea, he revealeth their nakedness in front of the camera, and driveth them nuts. The media crieth out against the truth, and defendeth their own, but their darkness was brought to light, and their lies catcheth up to them. 

17. The fight cometh soon, and all prepareth as they seefit. Gird up they loins, oh Spartan; the worst is yet to come. Prepareth thy implements of destruction, for we ain’t dead yet.

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