Talib Kweli Proves He’s a Complete Moron

The stupid literally burns…

Talib Kweli Complete Moron

President Trump’s border wall is a sensitive subject for everyone right now. Those of us on the right insist that a wall is a necessary, even vital addition to comprehensive border security. The Left believes that all of us are Nazis who should die and burn in the fires of Hell and damnation for all eternity.

They also don’t want to build a wall.

Rapper Talib Kweli is one such Leftist who is strongly against building the wall. In fact, the wall has driven Talib Kweli so completely insane that he seems to have forgotten basic historical facts.

Who doesn’t remember the world history chapter that spoke at length of the Nazi’s wall that they built through Berlin that isolated East Germany for decades. Right up until the time it was torn down by President Bill Clinton with assistance from Barack Hussein Obama.

Am I right?

I scarcely know where to begin with the monumental ignorance and, dare I say, stupidity shown by Talib Kweli…so I’ll let Twitter do it for me!

What’s the old saying? Better to stay quiet and let everyone think you’re a complete moron rather than to speak and prove everyone right?

Whatever it is, I don’t think Talib Kweli has ever heard of it.


Written by Radius

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