US-AID is funding Soros’ open borders groups with millions of taxpayer dollars. Not only are US taxpayers funding open border groups; when those aliens come here illegally, we will be funding them in perpetuity. How do taxpayers/voters put an end to this lunacy? Clearly, voting isn’t very effective.

Chris Farrell: How the State Dept. Outsources YOUR Tax Dollars to George Soros Front Groups

December 5th is a National Day of Mourning.

For a man who promoted a New World Order.

Pres. Trump Designates Dec. 5th As National Day Of Mourning For George H.W. Bush

LC isn’t going to like this. EU wants people to eat less meat, even though they won’t quite come out and say it.

Climate-neutral EU by 2050 needs us to change lifestyle

Finally….a happy thought.

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