President Trump Lays The Government Shutdown At Democrats’ Feet

Presenting his case…

President Trump Government Shutdown

Last night the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution that included $5.7 billion in funding for President Trump’s border wall. The wall, and border security in general, was the cornerstone of President Trump’s 2016 campaign. President Trump has fought Democrats and Republicans in his latest effort to secure the necessary funding for the border wall.

Unfortunately the Senate has been unable to reach an agreement on the House bill, and the government will partially shut down at midnight tonight.

President Trump took to Twitter with a message for the American people on the eve of the latest government shut down:

The video is very similar to another video that President Trump released directly to Twitter a few days ago. That last video highlighted Democrat hypocrisy on border security, but also included footage of the migrant caravan storming the southern border.

Today’s video again highlighted the need for increased border security while making it crystal clear that President Trump cannot pass any measure on border security without Democrats’ help. Yes, President Trump stated that he would be more than willing to shut down the government over the wall, but Democrats could have avoided a shut down altogether if they were willing to work with Trump.

Of course, Democrats think that the latest government shut down will be blamed fully on President Trump. They honestly believe that most of the country wants open borders. Everyone thinks exactly like they do. After all, it was their candidate that won the popular vote, right?

The reality is that this latest government shut down will, most likely, blow up in their faces just like the last one. Americans will once again be reminded that the Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than they do actual citizens. Democrats will bluster and fume and march in the streets for the right of people to invade our borders without challenge or question.

Democrats believe this will win them votes in 2020 and the good will of the American people. Unfortunately for them it’s far more likely that their poll numbers will once again crash and burn.

I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they finally realize that they were wrong. Again.


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