President Trump Eulogizes The Weekly Standard

El oh el…

The death of the formerly conservative publication The Weekly Standard surprised absolutely no one. The magazine co-founded by #NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol had been hemorrhaging subscribers and money ever since taking a hard line against President Trump and conservatism itself.

President Trump, of course, couldn’t resist needling Bill Kristol and the entire failing #NeverTrump wing of the GOP on Twitter Saturday.

Naturally, Leftists immediately jumped to the attack, although they couldn’t choose a focus for their ire. Some Leftists felt the need to point out Trump’s numerous business failures.

I’ve written at length on this very site as to why President Trump’s business failures are par for the course in the private sector. The fact that President Trump has managed to grow his wealth into a mult-billion dollar empire and win the presidency while spending much less money than his opponent are great accomplishments.

In other words, President Trump is far more successful than any of the above twits have been or ever will be.

Attacks on President Trump weren’t limited to his past failures, however. Many Leftists attacked the president’s intellect.

Pro-tip: remember to use proper grammar when calling the president stupid.

Still, other Leftists pretended to be aghast that President Trump was seemingly celebrating Americans losing their jobs just before Christmas.

Couple of things.

First, it was the decision of Bill Kristol and his cronies to close down The Weekly Standard just before Christmas without so much as a “how do you do” to their employees. Billy Boy could have waited until after the holidays. The Weekly Standard’s management could have given its employees a severance package of some sort to help them stay on their feet until they found a new job. Absolutely none of that is on Trump.

Second, The Weekly Standard was particularly critical of President Trump. I would argue they were needlessly critical, especially since President Trump was enacting much of what The Weekly Standard had claimed to support. President Trump has every right to do a bit of crowing now that they’ve closed their doors.

Which leads me to my third and final point. Each and every one of these Leftists is a damned hypocrite. I will guarantee each and every one of them cheered just a little bit when The Weekly Standard bit the bullet. Sure the magazine spent its last days attacking President Trump, but at its core The Weekly Standard was filled with evil Nazis. The fact that they too took up the standard against Orange Man Bad matters not. Leftists are glad to be rid of a “conservative” news outlet, however minor.

Additionally, Leftists claim to be outraged by President Trump gloating in another’s downfall. Yet they’ve done nothing but gloat every single day of Trump’s presidency. Leftists have convinced themselves that Mueller is coming any day now, and that thought warms the cockles of their cold, dead hearts at night.

I can’t wait until Trump wins again in 2020. America will be awash in a flood of Leftist tears not seen since 2016.


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