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President Trump Ends Catch and Release

The Yugest News No One Is Talking About

President Trump Ends Catch and Release!

President Trump Ends Catch and Release!

REALLY . . .

President Trump Ends Catch and Release!

We’re talking seriously YUGE news here! So much of the liberal’s open border agenda involves having illegals avoid capture by the Border Patrol just long enough that they can claim their Due Process rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. I just said that so a few heads would spin off.

As we know, the trick is to either not get caught at all or if you’re unlucky, claim asylum which requires a hearing. Since the immigration courts are insanely backed up, that means you are released back into the United States — where your job is not to get caught again.

There’s a lot more detail in When the Caravan Arrives, What Happens?

The point being that if an asylum seeker is denied access to American soil while waiting for their case to be decided, a whole number of “rights” become moot and a whole host of problems disappear. For example:

  1. The idea of “breaking up families” or developing “family detention facilities” is a nonissue.
  2. The travesty of the United States government having to drive a woman to have an abortion because they have that “right” is an nonissue if she’s not in the country.
  3. Having to grant parole to amnesty seekers to allow them to live in the country due to the court backup goes away.

The Mexican government has agreed to provide migrants with humanitarian visas to stay and work in Mexico as they wait for a decision from the U.S. Migrants will also have access to attorneys and to the U.S for court hearings.


As a foreigner, you may now sneak into the country and when you’re caught you can ask for asylum. Perfect. “The good news is that we’ll take you a Port of Entry where your application will be taken and then you can live legally in Mexico until your case is decided.”

I need not mention (but will) that the libs are going insane because, er, Mexico is really dangerous particularly places like Tijuana!

Let’s talk about the Supreme Court ruling today which would have barred illegals from seeking asylum except at official ports of entry. As a reminder, this comes from international law primarily for asylum seekers in the Middle East who may not be able to enter a country to at a legal port of entry due to a real risk for their lives. So let’s all read the Court’s order together:

The application for stay presented to Justice Kagan and by
her referred to the Court is denied.
Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, Justice Gorsuch, and Justice
Kavanaugh would grant the application for stay.

That’s the news. Now let’s see the FAKE news that’s entirely made up at of whole cloth:

Do I have to say it? I guess I do. There was never an asylum ban — it was requiring people to go to the the big, beautiful signs that say “PORT OF ENTRY” rather than jumping over our nonexistent border wall and trying to outrun the Border Patrol.

But it’s OK now! You may legally enter illegally into the country if your intention is to seek asylum.

Congratulations on sneaking into the United States! We will be glad to call you an Uber to take you to a Port of Entry. Enjoy your stay in Mexico! If there’s anything we can for you, dial 1-800-4ASYLUM. Press #1 to speak with someone in India who will be glad to help you.”

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