Prosecutors: Mohammed Noor Intentionally Killed Justine Damond

mohammed noor justine damond

Minnesota prosecutors announced Thursday that they are seeking to charge former Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor with murder in the shooting death of 49-year-old Justine Damond.

Damond was gunned down by Mohammed Noor on a summer night in July, 2017. Noor had fired his service pistol from his position in the passenger seat of his police cruiser when Damond approached the car on the driver’s side. Noor’s partner had been sitting in the driver’s seat. Jusine Damond had died due to multiple gun shot wounds inflicted by Mohammed Noor.

Mohammed Noor has already been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in this case. Prosecutors, however, are seeking to upgrade the charge to intentional second-degree murder, citing new evidence in the case.

“A person acts with the intent to kill not just when they have the purpose of causing death, but also when they believe that their act, if successful, will result in death,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing Thursday. “As a trained police officer, the defendant was fully aware that such a shot would kill Ms. Ruszczyk, a result he clearly intended.”

Noor’s defense attorney’s have stated that they have not yet seen the new evidence cited by the prosecution. Peter Wold, one of Noor’s defense attorneys, has stated that the prosecution’s efforts would not delay Noor’s upcoming trial.

Justine Damond was a life coach who had just become engaged. On the night she was killed Damond had called police to report a sexual assault in the alley way behind her house. Mohammed Noor and his partner responded to her call. Damond had apparently gone into the alley way in her pajamas in order to meet the officers. Noor fired the fatal shots when Damond approached the car from the driver’s side.

Mohammed Noor has stated that he had heard a noise prior to Justine Damond approaching the cruiser. Noor claimed Damond’s sudden appearance spooked him, and caused him to respond with deadly force.

Justine Damond’s family has filed a $50 million civil rights lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police Department and Mohammed Noor.


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