Leftists Struggle To Come Up With #ReasonsNotToBuildTheWall

Their logic is…erm…undeniable?


Leftists hate President Trump’s planned border wall with a level of intensity normally reserved for Christian bakers and Chick Fil A. Pick three random Leftists and ask them what they think about The Wall. Two of them will tell you it’s a stupid, racist idea that costs too much. The third will launch into a tirade about how Pink Floyd pushes a pro-cisgendered, anti-trans post-intersectional reality narrative that oppresses black people.

Leftists took to Twitter to vent their loathing for increased border security on the world stage. Even with all of their hate, however, a majority of Twitter Leftists struggled to come up with actual reasons why they hated The Wall.

Are there really? You don’t seem to have used any of the 300 characters Twitter allotted you to even attempt to explain your reasoning.

I’m sure we can get deplorables to donate their Lego collections to the cause.

Please. Even the dimmest hipster douche knows the best covfefe comes from Colombia.

Not quite sure what that means. One of us probably needs less LSD…or more.



The Obama administration could find $150 billion in cash to line the pockets of Iranian mullahs, but we can’t find $5.7 billion for a border wall?

#ReasonsNotToBuildTheWall son


Isn’t it funny how the Left didn’t care how their money was spent for eight years when Obama was spending it on green energy boondoggles, third world dictators, and Moochelle’s vacations?

Then President Trump comes along and says he wants to build a border wall and everyone loses their minds!

I keep seeing the Berlin Wall being cited by the Left as a reason as to why we can’t build a border wall with Mexico.

Couple of points:

  1. The Berlin Wall was built by an evil, dictatorial Communist regime to keep people inside East Germany rather than keep anyone out.
  2. Actually that’s pretty much my only point. Leftists are comparing apples to Yugos here.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Shelly is not a structural engineer and has absolutely no idea how difficult it is to actually tunnel under an existing structure without being buried alive.

What the…oh right, Mueller fantasy. Carry on.

Why didn’t you care when Obama was investing in absolutely none of those things?

If you’re so stupid that you can’t help but randomly capitalize words in the middle of a sentence you’re too stupid to criticize others.

Because President Trump is Mr. Magoo apparently.

All right so we’ll put some anti-aircraft guns on top of the wall, too.


Could it be because there’s not actually a reason to not build the wall and every reason to ensure its construction?

Nah, it’s probably because racist Orange Man Bad stole all the reasons. Like how the Grinch stole Christmas.

One enterprising tweeter actually did manage to come up with quite a few reasons not to build the wall.

Hard to argue with that logic!


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