Kronicles of Kurdistan 5 – 7

Kronicles of Kurdistan  5 – 7

#5                                                                                                      12-4-18   

Rainy as it has ever been this year. And cold. Been almost pouring for two days straight. The abundance of moisture and absolute paucity of the killing air of July and August – is gone, and is utterly welcomed.

I watch events in my country from afar and am simply stupefied at what I see and hear. A deeply weird, cognitively dissonant, troublesome feature of American Leftist thinking about Islam has infected my country. It is of grave concern, for Islam is our mortal enemy.

It is a remarkably stupid and naïve fantasy they hold; an acquired affinity for and odd insistence on the so-called virtues of Islam, such that the oh-so-smart East and West coasties have taken it on as yet another religion, in itself – interestingly enough, along with the Popular Great Scourge of the Day, climate change. Abortion completes the filthy Triumvirate.

You get the picture. Liberals, Leftists, Commies – Progressives…call ‘em what you will…they are all critically dangerous fools who see Islam as some sort of quaint, moderately-useful exotic Marxist toy to be, well, toyed-with. 

From a local perspective, I have little doubt that the average Commie from Portland or Berkeley knows probably little or nothing about how Islam actually works – on a daily, crushingly predictable level. One becomes fairly adept at seeing patterns of illogic. 

Interestingly enough, though, even here in confounded Iraq, there is a surprisingly vibrant – though struggling – Assyrian Christian population. For me, this is a deep joy; though I can’t explain why, exactly. It has to do with the instinct for survival, I suppose.

 #6                                                                                                    12-5-18

Consider the simple aspect of five, daily prayers for the Mozlem.

 These prayers are conveniently staggered throughout the work day, so that when one is finally just about to really get working again – boom. The damned mosque loudspeaker goes off and the Great Religious Excuse is utilized. Over and over. And again and again over hundreds of millions of people and 1400 years. This is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon mankind. No, I’m not referencing Climate Change or Transgender Rights and Toilets, though they are subjects of my deep scorn and anger, as well. 

 No, I’m speaking of the Cult of Mohammed and its putrid, ridiculous and complete dissemination throughout these parts of the world and the West. I swear, this thing called Islam is a veritable disease – or a toxin. The call to prayer over Altec Lansing horns is the hypodermic needle.

 #7                                                                                                   12-6 -18                                                                                                                                  Two or three months back, some adventurous type managed to get a pneumatic chisel up to the ancient bas relief Assyrian carvings above Duhok – some of the world’s best, remaining work of this particular type. The scoundrel simply “scooped out” the face of a king. Presumably, he and his cohorts then went on to sell the chunk on the black market for millions of bucks. I have my doubts.

I, myself, have looked at photos on mobiles that depict authentic Christian and Assyrian artifacts of inestimable value. They very likely were the “leftovers” (that are also now up for sale) from Mosul, Nimrod and the Great ISIS Islamo-Clown-Parade that went on in these parts awhile back, though one can never be sure in these matters without physically examining the specimens, of course. 

A book I saw in pictures recently was exceedingly interesting. It appeared to be about two thousand years old, as it had the particular color of mold on it that dates from around the year 0. The owner said it was found in a cave in “a Christian village”. The patina looked also like the thing may have been burnt, and it may have been, but I wasn’t convinced. Rather, it was mold, I think.

The book (I viewed only 4 or 5 images) was utterly astonishing. I saw multiple layers and ages of drawings of fish, the crucifix, various predecessors to what we now think of as the cross, the Assyrian national flower, INRI, proto-Syrian script, Greek script, Assyrian script, Pagan images…the thing was spectacular, even on a smart phone.

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Written by PeterMatthewDavid


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