Is Rex Tillerson Dumb as a Rock?


As we’ve all seen, President Trump tweeted a reply to some of the comments Rex Tillerson made to FoxNews.

Is Rex Tillerson, dumb as a rock? Probably — from the Donald’s perspective.

I’ve been working with the CEO of a company on gifts for his staff. He no doubt thinks I’m dumb as a rock* as well. Why? Because I’m having to tell him “no” to ideas he’s dreamed up. He’s a high intuitive who can envision things existing in his mind so the only part that needs to happen is the finishing up part where some subordinate gives it to him.

Actually, this tweet is what made me realize how this CEO works. He will ask the same impossible thing at least twice such as  “I’d like this piece of jewelry engraved with 60 words.” (I’m not making this up!) and I told him “No because you’re probably going to only get 4 or 5 words on a piece of jewelry this size” to which he says “how about 20 words then” to which I repeat that he’s only going to get 4 or 5 words. EXCEPT now I offer up a couple suggestions for him to consider.

Why does he work this way? Probably because he’s asked people to do things and they told him it was impossible but after challenging them a couple times, they figure out how to do it.

I think there’s a high probability that Donald Trump is very similar and probably worse.

“Jim, I’d like to build a resort right here. “No, Mr. Trump, that would be against the building codes.” “Go back and have a look at the codes!” “I did Mr. Trump and the city said no.” “Go back and ask them what it would take to say ‘yes”. “OK Mr. Trump but they were pretty firm!” . . . One day later — “They said, Mr. Trump, that if you’d build a rec center, then they’d be happy to have you build the building.” “Jim, you’re dumb as a rock!

There are about to be firings!

I can imagine the conversations with Rex Tillerson going pretty much the same way except a lot worse because Rex Tillerson isn’t used to being questioned about his decisions.

“Well, Rex, did you let Little Rocket Man know I was prepared to blow his skinny ass fatass to Mars if he wasn’t going to negotiate?” “No, Mr. President.” “Why not?” “Because my staff tells me that the best way to force him to comply is by having China intervene and through sanctions.” “Rex, we’ve tried that for years. We need to get this man to the negotiating table and we need him to to know that he won’t like it if I blow his ass to Mars!” “Well, Mr. President. I don’t agree.” “Go back and ask your staff again and bring me the right answer next time!” . . . One day later — “The staff says it’s not a good idea.” “What do you think Rex?” “Well, if you’d only read the report, you’d see that my staff has thoroughly reviewed the situation.” “Rex, you’re dumb as a rock!”

There are about to be firings!


* Just thought I’d give the NeverMark folks an easy opening.

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