How Will Michael Cohen Be Remembered?

Not the legacy he’s hoping for…

Former Trump lawyer and convicted liar Michael Cohen recently sat down for an interview with Clinton apparatchik George Stephanopolous. Naturally, the two of them discussed Michael Cohen’s impending three year prison sentence, as well as President Trump himself.

Perhaps the most interesting moment of the interview came when Michael Cohen lamented the current state of American politics. After stating that President Trump didn’t realize there was a system in Washington, Michael Cohen went on to tell George how he hopes he will be remembered:

There are a couple of points I’d like to make in response to Michael Cohen.

First and foremost, I’m sure President Trump knows how the system in Washington D.C. works. This is a man who has spent all of his professional life in the construction business and the public sphere in one of the largest cities in the world. You don’t rise to the top of such an environment without learning a thing or two about how the political system works. The fact that Trump has hobnobbed with politicians from both sides of the aisle for the last few decades means the President had at least gained a cursory knowledge of how the system works. Any idiot can see that.

Well, maybe not an idiot who plead guilty to crimes that may not have been actual crimes.

Trump knows there is a system. Rather than work within that system like every other politician, Trump has elected to at the very least shake up the system. Best case scenario Trump actually succeeds in breaking the system and bending it to his will. This is exactly why the American people elected President Trump. We were sick and tired of doing business within the system. Trump’s election is a repudiation of the way things have always worked.

Second, I can tell Michael Cohen is worried about his legacy. Cohen wants to know that the torment he has, and will continue to endure over the next few years will all be worth it. Like almost everyone, Cohen wants to know that his life has had meaning. Being known as the man who stood up against a tyrant and united the country during its most tumultuous period since the Civil War? What better legacy could one ask for?

The only problem is that’s not anywhere close to how Michael Cohen will be remembered. The Right will remember Michael Cohen as a skeevy fixer who made Michael Avenatti look respectable. He will be remembered as a man who, when the chips were down, decided to turn tail and run in an attempt to cut a deal. An attempt, I might add, that failed miserably. In the end, Michael Cohen will be remembered by the Right as a complete moron who used to work for Trump.

The Left, unfortunately, will only remember Michael Cohen as the man who made Trump’s rise possible. Already the narrative that the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal swung the election in Trump’s favor is being set. The fact that Trump’s voters knew about these women before the election and didn’t care is irrelevant. Trump paid these women for their silence, and that’s what allowed him to cheat Hillary Clinton out of her rightful place in the Oval Office.

That and Russia.

Michael Cohen will be remembered by the Left as the Trump fixer that made the rise of Literally Orange Hitler possible. Michael Cohen arranged the payments, lied about it, and continued lying about it until he was finally caught by the Holy Mueller and brought to sweet justice. In Progressive circles the name Michael Cohen will be whispered right alongside those of Hitler, Pol Pot, Dylan Roof, Donald Trump, and all of history’s greatest monsters. If it’s even whispered at all that is.

Lies, betrayal, more lies, a heaping dose of idiocy, and complete and total obscurity. That is what Michael Cohen’s legacy is and will continue to be regardless of how many Leftist news shows he interviews with. When he is finally released from prison Michael Cohen won’t be lauded or celebrated. He will be spat upon, reviled, ridiculed, and ultimately forgotten.

In the end, Michael Cohen will turn out to be one of history’s most inconsequential figures.


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