Hillary Clinton 2020? Not So Fast Says Iowa…

That’s gotta hurt…

Hillary Clinton wants to run again in 2020. She’s been itching for a rematch against President Trump ever since her What Happened tour where she blamed literally everyone but herself for losing in 2016.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton wants another crack at the brass ring of the presidency. You know it. I know it. I’ve even said Hillary Clinton is gearing up for another run. Several times in fact. Why else would Hillary Clinton go off on an international speaking tour with hubby Bill Clinton?

Yes, Hillary Clinton’s looking to run again, and everyone’s excited about a rehash of Crooked Hillary bumbling around the country, seizing from one stop to the next, and being thrown in the backs of unmarked vans afterwards.

Everyone, that is, except the people who really matter:

Just 25 percent of likely participants in the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses think another Clinton candidacy would add to the race, the poll found. Seventy-two percent think a Clinton candidacy would detract from the race, and 3 percent are unsure.

The poll finds 76 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers think a Michelle Obama candidacy would add to the race, 22 percent think it would detract and 2 percent are unsure.

Forty percent think an Oprah Winfrey campaign would add to the race, 55 percent think it would detract and 4 percent are unsure.

In other words, Hillary Clinton’s losing bigly to the first transsexual FLOTUS and a woman who hands out more high tax bills than the IRS.

That’s gotta hurt.


Written by Radius

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