German Press Attacks US Ambassador Over Der Spiegel Scandal


Last week, Claas Relotius, a “star” reporter for Germany’s Der Spiegel, was caught fabricating stories out of whole cloth to make Americans look evil and racist, and may have gotten away with it partly because it confirmed his editors’ biases.

US Ambassador Richard Grenell wrote to the paper on late Friday, requesting an independent probe into the matter and asking the German media to stop fabricating stories to whip up anti-American hysteria.

The response from the German media was outrage and more efforts to whip up anti-American hatred:

We are concerned that the leadership of Der Spiegel encourages this form of reporting and that the reporters appear to deliver what the leadership wants,” wrote Grenell, who accused the paper of anti-American bias, and said the German paper “routinely included information and stories which could have been proven untrue if they had checked the facts with the Embassy first.”

“It is clear that we were the victims of a campaign of institutional bias,” Grenell wrotem adding “…it is routine practice for Spiegel reporters to not even call us before writing.

Grenell has been attacked for his letter to Der Spiegel. ZDF journalist Andreas Kynast tweeted “In the logic of an administration that sees any critical consideration as a country insult @DerSPIEGEL, this is, of course, anti-American. But also anti-German, anti-European and anti-earthly,” to which Grenell shot back “We value policy criticism. We love a free press. But @Spiegel literally fabricated stories saying people (Americans) were racist & xenophobic. They made up events, details, & lies – and no editor checked the stories. Every real journalist should be outraged by this.”

Grenell also tweeted this:


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