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Fentanyl and the Big Fat Zero

A tweet I saw today said if Donald Trump rescued a kitten from a tree, the concern would be over whether the tree’s bark was scratched in the process.

President Trump tweeted:

What this simply means is that those caught smuggling fentanyl to the U.S. can receive China’s maximum sentence: the death penalty. In what possible way could anyone imagine that this is in any way bad?

From the Drug Policy Alliance:

Draconian criminal punishments for fentanyl will actually make the problems associated with this drug much worse than they are now. This won’t reduce addiction and overdose deaths in the U.S., but it will incentivize the proliferation of even more potent drugs that will further exacerbate the crisis.  President Trump’s push for China to execute more of its citizens for drug offenses is morally repugnant and ignores the decades-long failure of extremely harsh drug policies here in the U.S..”

“Fentanyl has indeed become the leading cause of overdose deaths in the U.S., but health-based measures are far more effective than criminalization. Interventions like drug checking, naloxone, supervised consumption spaces, and expanding access to evidence-based treatment are urgently needed to reduce fentanyl-related deaths.”

Is that the most convoluted, strained reasoning you’ve ever heard or what? Let’s see:

  • We shouldn’t stop fentanyl because something worse will come along (which already exists, by the way)? This is unspeakably insidious!
  • The punishment for offenses are China’s concern and not ours. However, the death penalty for people who are directly responsible for killing some TWENTY THOUSAND AMERICANS every year seems pretty reasonable to me! TWENTY THOUSAND!
  • Sure treatment is good but not having the drugs around in the first place is better.

In case you were wondering, the mission  of the Drug Policy Alliance “is to advance those policies and attitudes that best reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition, and to promote the sovereignty of individuals over their minds and bodies.”

I’m afraid this is yet another “follow the money” situations where there’s big money in providing drug abuse and prevention related services. On an individual basis, everyone feels good when someone is able to kick a drug habit but if you don’t have a continuous stream of these people, a whole lot of  501c3 non-profit organizations like this one are out of business. Fortunately, I doubt that the Drug Policy Alliance needs to worry about that for a while.

So how much did it cost the United States to have China clamp down on fentanyl by having it categorized as a controlled substance?

Image result for zero zip nada

I don’t know; maybe Donald bought Xi dinner but that’s the extent of it. He also cut off the ability for Chinese companies to send highly discounted packages through the U.S. Post Office. The United States was literally paying the postage to have illegal drugs shipped in from China. What did it cost the United States to stop this travesty?

Image result for big fat zero

In fact, it will allow the USPS to make a little money on those cheap smartphone cases you’re buying on eBay.

President Trump has single-handedly made the greatest strides in the war on drugs in my lifetime while making money doing it!

Let me do a deep dive into Twitter to see if I can find a good loonie to sum this all up. This one will do —

And while you’re looking at the big picture, President Trump has made the picture a whole lot smaller! FOR FREE!

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