EU Rages After Macron Makes Concessions to Yellow Vests

The centre cannot hold

Europe Migrant Crisis
Nations discuss leaving the European Union as the migrant crisis worsens.

Despite the leftist tendency to act invincible in public whenever they suffer a setback, the EU is showing deeper and deeper cracks as the anti-establishment backlash hits its heartland of France:

Brussels will allow France to exceed the bloc’s 3 per cent deficit limit with its budget as a one-off this year, EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger told the German press on Thursday.

Asked whether Macron would remain a beacon of hope for European federalists while “his own people rise against him”, Oettinger lamented that the globalist French leader had “lost authority with his budget for 2019”, before stressing: “But he remains a strong supporter of the European Union.”

While acknowledging that the concessions, which put the French budget deficit on course to hit 3.5 per cent this year, are against EU rules, Oettinger said Brussels would “tolerate” the 2019 budget “as a one-time exception”, adding: “It is crucial Macron continues his reform agenda, especially in the labor market, and that France continues on the path of growth.”

Furthermore a minister within the populist government, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the Italian media last month that Macron was the driving force behind EU pressure to punish the Eurosceptic nation.

The European Commission has taken a particularly hard line on Italy and its budget in recent months, with Oettinger having claimed in September that politicians in the southern EU state were wanting to “destroy” the bloc.

What’s happening right now is that even in the heartland of the EU – France and Germany – there is a growing anti-EU backlash. Right now, the backlash is relatively small and most of the protesters just want reforms. But when those reforms fail to materialize, anti-EU sentiment is going to grow, just as it has in countries like Italy, Britain, Poland, Hungary, and Greece.

The EU isn’t going to last. If it were run by sensible, rationalist politicians, they would back down, recognize the need for some changes, and do enough to calm the situation down. But they haven’t, because they’re religious fanatics who feel they have a divine right to rule as kings.


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