Elite Universities Silent After School Fakes Transcripts of Minority Students


A school in Louisiana has been accused of being a fraud factory that abused its students and faked their transcripts to get them into Ivy League colleges:

A private school has been accused of numerous unethical practices to help its minority students gain acceptance to prestigious universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale, and these universities are refusing to clarify how they were fooled by the fraudulent records or how they plan to improve their admissions process to prevent it in the future.

A recent bombshell report in The New York Times revealed that much of these accomplishments were false. “In reality, the school falsified transcripts, made up student accomplishments and mined the worst stereotypes of black America to manufacture up-from-hardship tales that it sold to Ivy League schools hungry for diversity,” the paper reported.

Those schools, however, are refusing to comment on their application processes, declining to say if and how they will improve their administrative procedures in order to safeguard against future fraud.

According to The New York Times, Landry recorded grades higher than those actually earned and gave its students credit for rigorous classes they did not take. The school also provided inaccurate letters of recommendation which listed falsified extracurricular accomplishments.

The Times reported that officials at Landry were guilty of physically abusing students, failing to keep students in their proper classrooms throughout the day, and advising parents to lie about their incomes to receive more favorable financial aid packages. Some Landry students even testified that the founder of the school, Tracey Landry, shut a child with autism in a closet.


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