Did Trump Tweet Support For French Yellow Jackets?

“We are not here to destroy Paris, we are here to tell Macron we are f–king fed up.”

president trump french yellow jackets

France is currently in the throes of violent protests perpetrated by a populist group calling themselves the Yellow Jackets. France’s civil unrest began as a protest against an upcoming gas tax hike pushed by French President Emmanuel Macron. The goal of the gas tax would have been to help “wean” France off of fossil fuels by making them prohibitively expensive for the average person. The theory behind this bit of social engineering, of course, is that France would naturally be forced to transition to a green economy in response.

Macron has since cancelled the gas tax as a concession to the Yellow Jackets, evidently in the hope that the protests would subside. Unfortunately for Macron, the Yellow Jacket’s protests were not solely focused on the gas tax, but on the economic disparity brought about by France’s insanely high tax burdens.

At the time of this writing Paris is currently in the grip of a massive protest that has placed the city on lock down. An unprecedented amount of police-over 8,000 officers, as well as 12 armored vehicles-have responded to today’s protest. Over 500 protesters have been arrested as a result:

“We are not here to destroy Paris, we are here to tell Macron we are f–king fed up,” said one protester before the clashes with the police began, adding that the people are protesting ever-increasing taxes on the working class.

French police, wearing riot gear, tried to stop and search protesters entering the Champs Elysees, but such efforts were eventually abandoned with the flow of thousands of demonstrators.

Police deployed tear gas and stun grenades after getting cornered, with some agitators starting to throw plastic bottles.

Water cannons were used near Arc de Triomphe, which is safeguarded this weekend after protesters defaced it during the previous weekends.

In the midst of the French citizen’s revolt, President Trump tweeted what appeared to be support for the Yellow Jackets and their mission. At the very least he provided an explanation for the massive protests.

Twitter Leftists, ever ready to pounce on a Trump tweet of any kind, reacted predictably by mocking Trump.

Well actually…

Or maybe Trump is supporting the French people because they are fighting against an oppressive regime disguised as Democratic Socialism that is taxing them into oblivion.

Americans had the Stamp Tax. The French have the gas tax.

Which is exactly why they’re chanting “we want Trump” I guess?

And the winner for “most islands crammed into a single tweet” goes to…

Oh my, a thinly veiled threat by a Leftists Twitter warrior. I’m sure the Secret Service would like to have a word or two.

The gas tax was literally part of a plot to make gas so expensive that France would be forced to abandon it in favor of renewable green energy.

That’s literally the stated purpose of the tax.

And, of course, as with everything, the Left somehow managed to link a tweet about France’s populist uprising with their Mueller impeachment delusions.

Maybe the Left should spend less time on a fantasy and more time reflecting on why France’s Leftist government is facing outright rebellion from its poor and middle class.


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