BREAKING: Top Nevertrumper Outlet, The Weekly Standard, Shuts Down!

Well here is the editor at large, Bill Kristol, delivering the news to the Twitterverse:

All I have to say is:

Sparta Report lives and the Weekly Standard is DEAD!

Update: Nevertrumper Stephen Hayes Responds to Being Let Go

Hayes said he was “profoundly disappointed in the decision to close The Weekly Standard,” writing that its “unapologetically conservative” voice was “needed now more than at anytime in our previous 23 years.”

Is it not freaking hilarious when those who have told everyone that Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others abusing their monopoly on speech in order to deplatform conservatives = “the free market working as intended!”… now are the latest victims of said free market?

Stephen Hayes was also seen earlier today after the announcement seemingly not taking the closure of his magazine very well:


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