Best Memes Of The Week – Dec. 9th

Welcome to our first “Memes of the Week!” I’m your host, Spartan Hero, who was known in the past for the gaming & tech threads. I still hope to get to one of those for the month of December, but it’s a busy, busy, busy time when you’re prospering in the Trump Economy. And it’s Christmas time. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to be generous with those you come in contact with, and not just because of the season.

Hat tip to the memers over on Gab, where memes still roam free after being mercilessly hunted down by the nagging dimwits over at Twitter and Facebook.

For the best memes of the week that I’ve come across (feel free to post your own in the comments – if they’re great, perhaps we’ll use them next week!), let’s go with:

How To Defeat Thanos – in 2018

It’s nice to come across some honesty once in a while:

It Sure Is Tough Being A Dude Who Wishes He Were A Lady


Your Next Speaker Of The House Everybody

Big Thanks To Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell For Not Bothering To Get MAGA Done When They Had The Chance – Signed, Sarcastic

Keeping Up With The French News

As well as Europe in general…gee, what could the Pols possibly be doing different?

And we probably should have an obligatory Ocasio-Cortez meme every week

That’s all I’ll go with, let’s see what you’ve got!

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