Best Memes Of The Week – Dec. 17th

Time to blow off some steam with some memes. Curated from various corners of the internet, particularly the safe meme haven known as Gab. Given that Christmas is happening in less than a week, let’s make this one merry:

When Firemen Decorate Their Houses

We All Understand Each Other’s Wallet Pain

Let Us See Your Best Redneck Decorations

Time To Set Aside Our Differences

If You Are Down South, You Probably Won’t Be Having A White Christmas, So Improvise:

Now For Something Non-Christmasy:

In Entertainment News…

When Your Certainly PC-Corporation Doesn’t Think Of Those In Wheelchairs #safespace

Don’t Forget Call Your Senators And Tell Them To Vote For Wall Funding #MeltThePhones

And for the obligatory Ocasio-Cortez reference; but we’ll do TWO this week since I’m generous (and they are fast filling up the internet like cats):

If you don’t mind some strong language, former child star Macaulay Culkin has been making the rounds on popular internet shows to take advantage of his former fame. Here he is reviewing Home Alone 4 (and two other terrible movies) with the crew of Red Letter Media:

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