An H.W. Funeral Retrospective

George Bush Funeral NeverTrump Lecture

I must say I feel very conflicted over George H.W. Bush’s death and funeral. What I should be feeling, or so I would think, is how proud I am in the political system we have in the country because we all come together to honor our fallen leaders.

However, what I really feel is annoyed that what I witnessed was a celebration by the media and the Deep State political class. It’s as if there’s this great inside joke that we mere citizens are not privy to.

Let’s start with the media. During the run up to Gulf War I, the cry throughout the land was “no blood for oil.” Countless articles discussed how the Iraq invasion was to make the Bush family richer and the invasion of Kuwait was only a pretext. Today articles call him a “pragmatic caretaker” president who didn’t do much but didn’t screw things up too badly either. I guess this is meant as a compliment and something to strive for. If you recall, before his death, CNN was trying to smear Bush with #METOO accusations. After his death, reporter after reporter tweeted photos of themselves with Bush and what a wonderful person and great man he was.

I think the word “hypocrisy” is overused but maybe that’s the right one here. Or perhaps the media really is nothing more than the communications arm of the Democrat party. They go to work everyday with the intent of knocking down Republicans and building up (or excusing the massive excesses and indiscretions) of Democrats. It’s a job but someone has to do it. It’s lucrative, you get to travel, and your credentials give you respect and acknowledgement for your expertise even if you’re dumb as a post.

As to the Deep State, I was only reminded how powerful and self important we have allowed our politicians to become. No amount of money or ceremony is too much. It felt like the political class was having a celebration not so much of the life of George H.W. Bush but a celebration of the longevity of themselves along with the Deep State that allows a Republican President to rule one day and a Democrat to rule the next. While I never much liked the term, it might be appropriate to call the funeral a celebration of the longevity of the Uni Party.

There were exactly two people being honest at the funeral of George H.W. Bush. The first was Donald Trump who no doubt felt a keen responsibility to allow the man to be honored without permitting any distractions from the constant attacks he and his administration are under.

The second person was Hillary Clinton who displayed her disdain for being near President Trump. Perhaps there was also a realization that she’d one day have to play the grieving window of William Jefferson Clinton. And even worse, her death will simply be recorded as “the wife of Bill Clinton died today.” No bands, no last ride on Air Force One, no funeral train and no presidential library to be buried in. Just a spot next to Bill (unless someone hasn’t taken it first.)

Hillary is probably feeling better today because, upon reflection, if the Deep State has its way, the death of Donald Trump will read something like:

“Donald Trump, who lived in Washington D.C for eight very long years, died today on the 18th tee at his Mar-a-Largo resort. He was buried where he fell.”


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Written by Mark Rosneck

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