Will Nancy Move to Impeach Donald?

Executive Summary: Nope

With the House in the hands of the Democrats, will there be a move to impeach President Trump? Not if Nancy Pelosi is Majority Leader.

Nancy has already gone on record saying “it’s not someplace that I think we should go.”

Democrats are about power and use people as a means to that end. It used to be that Republicans were much the same wielding corporate power and money to attain power. The GOPe Republicans have been totally neutered from seeking power leaving President Trump as our beacon of hope not for power but to return the country to its former greatness.

But you knew all that.

For the Democrats, it’s power for power’s sake.

But you knew that as well.

Impeachment does nothing to increase the Democrat’s power. It was a great rallying cry for their base as a means of helping drive turnout for the midterms but now it is a liability. It’s an instance of “be careful what you ask for since you might get it.” There simply isn’t any upside to spending the next two years on impeachment only to lose in the Senate. It didn’t work with Bill Clinton when the Republicans tried it and it won’t work now. Impeachment just became a badge of honor for Clinton..

By the way, I need to go on the record as saying I think the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen the Republicans do was impeach Bill Clinton. All it did, if anything, was create a desire among Democrats that “if you did that to our guy, we’re going to do it to your guy.”

Having said that, the left has whipped up their base into such a frenzy over impeachment, they’re going to have to develop a strategy for getting their members in the House to dial it way back. They need to focus on the 2020 election and put all the wood behind the arrow of defeating President Trump.

The strategy they’re using is clear which is to substitute a plethora of investigations for impeachment. I don’t think that’s particularly bad since it’s what Congress is supposed to do. In the end, we’ll take take some hits and lose some people but that’s the nature of politics. It’s going to be ugly and nasty but it also opens the possibility that if done poorly, President Trump can turn some of the damage to his favor.

The scary thing will be if this gets out of control. We all love yelling “lock her up” at MAGA Rallies but we also know that the odds of Hillary paying any price for her crimes, much less being locked up, is really, really low. It’s fun while still expressing our distaste for the woman. The Democrats have almost taken impeachment too far and if enough Democrat members decide to buck House Leadership, they could deliver the greatest gift #MAGA has ever had.

Let me come back to the salient point: Democrats manipulate people to gain power and that is their entire motivation. The one thing Democrats can ill afford is allowing people with actual strong motivations on issues into power. They can yelp all they want but when push comes to shove, they need to vote the way the leadership tells them to vote on the issues the leadership wants to bring forward.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a humorous novelty for us, she is the worst of all possible worlds for the Democrats. She is a monster of their own creation who will either be brought to heel or will need to be dealt away with for the good of the Party. The Democrat Party only works when all its constituent groups collude to take, grow, and wield power. There’s no room for ideologues. Funny how the worm has turned on that one!

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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