When Mueller Comes

And smites no one in particular at all

The NY Post has an article today titled Why Trump will look back fondly on the Mueller probe. Here’s the gist of it “Mueller’s report won’t amount to anything BUT jabber, jabber, jabber.”

Yes, liberals remain hopeful that special counsel Robert Mueller will descend from the heavens and smite Trump with his terrible, if far from swift, sword. But they need not despair if, as I suspect, Mueller never does deliver the knockout blow against the Trump presidency for which they have been longing.

Indeed, they may forget Mueller entirely once the new House is sworn in. Instead of one avenging hero, they may have 22 new avenging heroes — leaders of the House who know their paths to national fame and partisan fortune will require them to ululate their battle cries and conduct a multi-front assault on the Trump administration.

The word of the day is “ululate” which means “howl or wail as an expression of strong emotion, typically grief.” Good word. I think it’s a keeper.

All of the angst the left had about Robert Mueller being fired was fake as was the fake news that reported it. President Trump wisely never answered this nonsense head on but let it hang out there as something else the left could ululate about. Of course, the Dems are saying that their ululation is what kept Trump from firing Mueller. Poppycock!

I think we can be pretty sure now that all Bob Mueller has is what we already know. There are a few miscellaneous Russians that he’s indicted that can give the left their “we told you so.” And there’s Paul Manafort who’s actually in jail for something completely unrelated but makes a pretty good fall guy. Bob has his letter from the President which was the last thing on the list.

The only thing left is when will Bob send his report to Congress. My bet is the first two weeks in December? I base that on that fact that Michael Flynn is set to be sentenced on December 18 for lying to FBI investigators. If I was a betting man, I’d bet on Friday December 14 since a lot of these things like to be dumped on a Friday. My other guess is that Flynn will get a slap on the wrist if that. I don’t think it’s totally outside the possibility that Mueller finds a means for Flynn to retract his guilty plea although that’s not likely.

Now to the “jabber, jabber” part. This is the threat that the House will spin up all sorts of investigations and ask all sorts of Administration officials to testify about all sorts of things. Here’s my take — this is good and what Congress is supposed to do! It’s what checks and balances are all about for goodness sake.

It should also be what we want because it’s surest way to keep our messages in front of the American people. What’s really helpful here is that we’re right! Unlike “you’ll have pass to Obamacare before you can find out what’s in it.”

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