Were Last Night’s Results A “Blue Wave”? Hardly…But, What Happened and What Happens Now?

As I write this, I am watching the results of the Midterm Elections on Fox News, which has made the announcement that the Democrats will take over the leadership of the House of Representatives.

When they do, they will offer our Sovereign Nation nothing but divisiveness, obstruction, and stagnation.

According to the panel of experts on Fox News, the “Suburban Housewife” Vote is the reason that the Republicans lost the House.

This is very strange to me.

One month ago, I watched thousands of Mississippi Housewives lose their minds over President Trump during his MAGA Rally at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi.

Now, I realize that Southern Housewives are a little bit different than housewives in other regions of the country.

Housewives down here go deer hunting with their husbands on Saturday mornings, watch SEC Football with family and friends on Saturday afternoons, and attend church with their family on Sundays.

If “Suburban Housewives” are indeed the cause of the Republicans losing the leadership of the House of Representatives, then I can only conclude that

  1. These housewives have been propagandized by what they watch daily on the Main Stream Media, buoyed by Liberal-heavy daily talk shows such as “The View”, The Talk”, and “Ellen”.
  2. Republicans did not have a strong enough ground game in those district which they lost. Knocking on doors is still an effective means of political communication and the Dems are good at it.

In order for the gains which have been made under the leadership of President Trump to continue, Republicans MUST unite behind him.

This country cannot afford any more RINOs and Vichy Republicans, some of whom were defeated last night.

The Republicans need to stand strong and stay united, because the Democrats are going to try everything they can in order to damage Donald J. Trump.

A word of warning to the Democrats: if you go ahead and launch a bunch of investigations against the President, culminating with a call for impeachment hearings to begin, you will be slitting your own throats.

Winning the House of Representatives by a narrow margin does not give you a mandate.

And, if you do not come back to Washington and work with President Trump on the things which matter to Americans and instead, pursue a foolish course of obfuscation fueled by hatred, then in November of 2020, average American Voters will remember your actions, such as they did in November of 2016…and you will, once again, will reap what you have sown, losing the leadership of the House and having to deal with another 4 years of President Donald J. Trump.

Your “Blue Wave” turned out to be a “Blue Trickle”.

Don’t overestimate yourselves.

Until He Comes,



Written by kingsjester

Do you ever feel helpless about what's going on? Do you turn the sound down when a member of "The Resistance" speaks? Do you talk back to the television? I understand fully. My blog contains the views of a 61 year old Christian American Conservative. I was raised by members of The Greatest Generation. My father landed at Normandy. I love this country. By the way, how did that Hopey-Changey Thing work out for ya?

I have been writing daily since April of 2010. I enjoy researching and sharing my thoughts with you. It is a privilege and it beats the heck out of punching a hole in the wall.

Thanks for reading my posts!

I'll keep writing....

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