UPDATE: Middleton Elementary School Kerfuffle

Rubbish was Right!

As expected, the Middleton Elementary School Kerfuffle turned out to be rubbish with one exception I’d like to address.

The teachers have all been reinstated although the principal is still on administrative leave. Retired astronaut José Hernández tweeted:

Mr. Hernández had offered to make a presentation to the school at his own expense. Hopefully he will honor his commitment  — not to fix a problem that doesn’t exist there but as inspiration for all young Americans! Regardless of what their 23 and Me DNA test might show.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing two astronauts speak: Fred Hayes (Apollo 13) and Mark Kelly. What was amazing is that Mark Kelly spoke at an event I attended less than two weeks after his wife, Gabby Giffords, was shot. I was inspired that he had chosen to keep this commitment even though no one would have faulted him if he’d cancelled.

I also almost knocked Neil Armstrong over getting into an elevator at the University of Cincinnati but I don’t think that counts.

Let’s talk about Mr. Hernández’ comment that he is still bothered “that they say ‘we recently came up short in our understanding of the awareness of the impact of the choices we made’ ”

What bothers me about him being bothered about all of this is how various groups have set them up as arbiters of what will bother them. And if they’re bothered sufficiently, heads have to roll even if no one else is bothered.

It’s getting very hard to keep track of all of this so let’s start a list:

  1. Nazi swastika. You are never under any circumstances allowed to use this symbol unless you’re in The Man in the High Castle. If you’re Hindu or Buddhist, please just keep your swastikas to yourselves! Having this symbol associated with a Tweet or Facebook post is going to get you in heap big trouble.
  2. The N-word. Reserved for rappers and African Americans to use as words of endearment. Everyone else should reserve the word for starting a knock down, drag out fight with African Americans.
  3. The Confederate battle flag. I don’t think anyone is allowed to use this for any purpose. All historical paintings should be modified to remove the flag to show that they just carried a stick into battle.

These are the “big 3.”

I also learned a new word which is Latinx which is the gender-neutral term sometimes used in lieu of Latino or Latina. Since it’s more encompassing and inclusive, it seems to be gaining popularity over Mexican or Hispanic. I’m not completely sure what has to be in your 23 and Me DNA test to permit you to be called Latinx or whether it’s only necessary to self-identify that way. If I find out, I’ll let you know.

Anyway, for Latinx we evidently have to add:

  1. Anyone who is not Latinx may not wear stereotypical clothing that may be associated with Latinx countries. Evidently sarapes are out particularly if you have a mustache. I’m kinda OK with that because the women in the photo looked pretty scary with their facial hair.
  2. Pretty much anything having to do with the immigration issue.
  3. Absolutely anything to do with the policies of Donald Trump.
  4. Anything having to do with patriotism if it can be associated with any of the policies of Donald Trump.

That’s a start. Feel free to add your own!

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