Trump Revokes Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials!

Denied entry by the Secret Service

jim acosta press credentials

CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to enter the White House earlier this evening for an 8:00 report.

Much to Acosta’s surprise, however, he was denied entry by the Secret Service.

Things went from bad to worse to CNN’s top political protester…I mean “journalist.”

Leftists were absolutely livid at Jim Acosta’s terrible treatment by the authoritarian Orange Man dictator.

Why oh why is the Trump White House picking on poor Jim Acosta?

Is there something big coming down the pike?

Will Robert Mueller finally be indicting members of the Trump family, or even Trump himself?

Is President Trump afraid of the Truth?

Or is it because Jim Acosta assaulted a woman during a press conference earlier in the day?

Luckily there’s a video that shows the assault more clearly.

It turns out you can yell, interrupt, and ask all the asinine questions you want.

The Trump administration draws the line at assaulting someone who was just doing her job.

Jim, you’re response?

Swing and a miss. Sorry, Jimmy, but the video clearly shows you karate chopping that woman in an attempt to keep your precious microphone so you could continue to scream questions at President Trump.

My advice is to run home, lick your wounds, and pray she decides not to press charges.


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