Trump “Little Rocket Man”s Iran

Someone needs to write a Trump Playbook for Dummies

I’m sure you’ve seen President Trump in the “Sanctions are Coming” meme directed toward Iran.

What could it all mean? Let’s start with Vox:

 Maybe Trump just thought it was cool-looking, or maybe he really is a Game of Thrones fan who imagines himself in combat on the Wall. Or maybe it was just a lower-level staffer on his account who thought it was cool. But regardless, it shows that there’s at least some purchase for this kind of heroic-fiction narrative in the White House, shaping how they want the public to think of them and quite possibly how the president thinks about himself.


Let’s try The Hill:

Stars of “Game of Thrones” have been critical of the Trump administration in the past.

Oh come on! Try a bit harder. This has nothing to do with what the cast of Game of Thrones thinks.


A whole bunch of sources didn’t attempt to understand the tweet other than the literal truth of it. For instance, Politico which wrote:

In a statement released by the White House later Friday, Trump said: “On Monday, November 5, the termination of United States participation in the Iran nuclear deal will be complete. The last set of sanctions lifted under the terrible nuclear deal will come back into force, including powerful sanctions on Iran’s energy, shipping, and shipbuilding sectors, and sanctions targeting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran and sanctioned Iranian banks.

HBO, as you may know, was not pleased:

“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes,”

I have a feeling that some executive finally figured out the President Trump, personally and totally for free, gave them the finest advertising any TV show has ever received! Today the entire country is talking about Game of Thrones. I can’t even imagine what that kind of advertising is worth!

You guys get a ANNOYING BUZZER SOUND HERE for literally looking a gift horse in the mouth!

And for all the other articles thinking anyone gives a flying flip what HBO thinks about anything  — ANNOYING BUZZER SOUND HERE

Let’s try the Chicago Tribune:

Activists like Amy Schumer have used the phrase “November Is Coming” in the wake of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and a jacket featuring the phrase even sold out. But they don’t use the phrase in quite the same manner as Trump did.


Wait a minute . . . here’s something else:

Trump’s administration has used movie marketing tactics in its messaging, and even used an blockbuster-style trailer in Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump said he played it for the North Korean leader.

Well, close but no cigar but at least they’re awake enough to realize we’ve seen something like this before.

All right . . . I guess it’s my job to point out what should be obvious to everyone. Donald Trump is using the “Little Rocket Man” strategy to see if he can get Iran to communicate with him. He’s asking them to meme back or tweet something that he can use to start a dialog. He’s put something so outrageous and over the top out there that the leadership of Iran has certainly seen it and probably has analysts working overtime trying to figure out what it means.

Note to Iran: It just means he’d like to engage with you and humor is always a good way to start a conversation.

He’s right here — listening. You don’t have to go through any kind of channels. If you want to say something, just say it and we’ll see whether we can talk with one another.

Good grief. Now was that so hard to understand?

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