Travesty of Justice on Dancing With The Stars

We need you now more than ever Mr. President!

If you’re not a fan, go ye forth into the Open Thread and keep doing what you’re doing. This is really serious stuff.

Tonight, and I find this really difficult to say, Juan Pablo and Cheryl are going home the same night they earned two perfect scores! OH THE HUMANITY! Since this was one of the dreaded double elimination nights,  Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile was sent packing as well. But that was OK because he sucked.

Today the Sparta Report officially calls on President Trump to appoint a special council to investigate the voting irregularities that were evident on tonight’s semi-finals Dancing With The Stars episode.

As fans of the show know, Secretary Rick Perry competed on the show in 2016. He sucked. But he is qualified to lead the investigation that must happen for the good of the country!

The judges, in my view, have never been fully vetted. I think it’s time we did the “Full Kavanaugh” on these people and find out what’s really lurking behind their judging paddles! And what they use those paddles for in their off time!

Judge Len Goodman said “Americans like fair play, but they also like justice. There is no justice here.” Goodman is a Brit and his outrage strikes me as as suspicious. I’d want to look into his connections to MI-5!

And then there’s Bruno Tonioli who’s a gay Italian! NEED I SAY MORE!

Carrie Ann Inaba played Fook Yu in Austin Powers’ Goldmember and also traveled on tour with Madonna. If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is!

As Tom Foley said in 1991, “These allegations are both persistent and disturbing. We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations, and the weight of circumstantial information, compel an effort to establish the facts.”

I think we need to look deeper to find the mastermind trying to further divide the country. No, I don’t think it’s George Soros! It’s time the producers of the show were brought under the light of public scrutiny! Executive Producers Joe Sungkur and Ashley Eden were behind the effort to book SEAN SPICER on the show! I’m actually trying to remember who Sean Spicer was although his name kind of gives me the heebee geebees.

All of this reminds of the Quiz Show Scandals of the 1950s. There was a congressional subcommittee investigation in the summer 1959 for that one. DWTS is too important to leave to Congress and President Trump, with his experience in reality shows, needs to be all over this like a rash!

If there’s one thing the country can agree on is that Juan Pablo’s elimination was unfair and smacks of Russian meddling! I was really looking forward to their Free Style!

Only President Trump can restore our faith in reality shows and bring integrity back to Dancing With The Stars!

Damn. I think I’m over my allotment of exclamation points for the week|

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