The Most Hated Man in America

For weasels ripped my flesh, straight-razor skin-ribboning, slashing edge sarcasm and lotsa laughs at the expense of others nobody can beat the literary glitterati libertarians over at Taki’s Magazine.

And so it goes with The Latest from Christopher DeGroot and his post on The Latest Outrage engendered by The Orange Hitler entitled The Most Hated Man in America:

Where there should be solidarity, there is division. And in time, the many who do not gain from open borders and global capitalism make their resentments felt. They elect men like Donald Trump, for example, now the most hated man in America.

Trump-bashing—an incessant activity, and a kind of industry for the largely contemptible intellectual class—has been particularly virulent this week, because the president announced his plan to end birthright citizenship by executive order. Whether he actually has the power to do so is unclear. Senator Graham said he will introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship. Even if the Republicans don’t lose their congressional majority in next Tuesday’s midterms, as they well may, passing such a law will be difficult.


Nevertheless, the business interests of both parties are well served by birthright citizenship, the donors and interest groups to which both are answerable wanting the cheap labor. Democrats, moreover, want the voters. But the American people, who suffer for the same reason that the economic elite profit from excessive lol otherwise; and indeed, that is why they elected Donald Trump.


What’s interesting is that whenever something awful happens in America, people call on Trump to denounce it, as if unless he does so he must condone the evil. This facile binary logic reveals the truth about his critics. Calling attention to whatever Trump has not done is really just a pretext for them to indulge their hatred for him and their will to punish, all in the guise of righteousness, of course. Trump’s critics want us to believe they are good people. In reality, they are mostly a wicked mob—intellectuals by no means excepted.

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Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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