The IKEA Humans: A Peek Under Liberalism’s Thin Veneer

I’m always on the lookout for pieces that Explain Everything (the Holy Grail Unified Field Theory!) so when this missive from The Incomparable Dibarcus (link & link) found it’s way to my email in-box I was very intrigued.

Dibarcus wrote:

I found this looking under rocks at 4chan:

The IKEA Humans: The social base of contemporary liberalism

The whole site, Jacobite, is interesting. Not a sound-bite. Needs some pondering.

The piece is long and very well written.

It is not a quick read, but it is not so dense as to be beyond approach.

It provides, I think, not The Holy Grail above described, but certainly a great deal of the substance from which said chalice shall be formed.

A full reading is encouraged.

Some snippets to whet the whistle:

Jennifer and Jason actually like their IKEA dressers, and prefer them to the old oak chest that their grandparents tried to foist on them. Indeed, the extraordinary popularity of IKEA testifies not only to its convenience but to its ability to appeal to the middle-class self-image. Jennifer and Jason are drawn to IKEA because it reflects who they are: they too are modern, movable, and interchangeable, their wants satisfiable in any neighborhood with a food co-op and a coffee shop.


If one is not attached to a way of life structured by inherited values and customs, then one is unlikely to be attached to anything at all. Jennifer and Jason illustrate this: life choices follow arbitrary taste, friends come and go, ties with family are thin, and superficial interactions (largely online) with peers fill the gap.

Likewise, ethical  beliefs and principles hang by a thread, ready to be tossed out or rationalized away. Younger college-educated urbanites might tout their liberal values, but evidence suggests that their deeds do not match their words. Most of the corporate crimes that liberals bemoan, from environmental poisoning to securities fraud, are committed, covered up, and defended by white-collar managers and professionals. A chic, progressive image and a $415 million payoff were more than enough to get Google off the hook for illegal wage suppression. As a friend in the intelligence industry once remarked, all it takes is the low six figures to buy off anyone’s principles — assuming that they put up any resistance to begin with. Moreover, IKEA humans are quick to attack the racism of rural “hicks,” yet studies have shown systematic discrimination in the housing and labor markets, perpetrated by white-collar, college-educated brokers, landlords, and middle managers — in other words, Jennifers and Jason’s peers.


What unites the upper middle class in terms of politics is not adherence to a single party or a single professed philosophy, but a combination of technocratic elitism, ruthlessness, and deceit, all of which are cultivated in the prestigious universities. It is on the elite campuses that habits of entitlement are instilled, regional accents ironed out, social and monetary rewards promised, and political alliances forged.


“Disruption” is the new buzzword as white-collar workers and professionals are trained, like Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger, to look for an opportunity in chaos. The most venal and self-centered rise to the top; sociopaths are champions. The IKEA personality — cheeky, smug, and capricious, concealing a narcissistic quest for status —is the best adapted to the times.


It is significant, though, that the speech taboos of the modern educated class constrict the names for every conceivable social group except for class—whereas archaic names and epithets for blacks or gays have been cast into the outer darkness, “white trash,” “redneck,” “hick,” and “hillbilly” remain acceptable, if rather slangy. The liberal obsession with speech regulation serves to reinforce, not to break down class distinctions.


Clinton’s sex certainly excited many who embraced the prospect of a female president, but her campaign performed surprisingly poorly among women, garnering only 54 percent of the female vote.

Instead, the only demographic group among whom Hillary Clinton performed better than Obama did in 2012 is college-educated whites. This should not be surprising, considering that Clinton is the personification of the IKEA class; her strongest supporters chose her for the same reason that they choose furniture – because she reflects who they are. Hailing from Chicago by way of Arkansas by way of Washington by way of Chappaqua, she speaks in a flat, unidentifiable accent; her inoffensive wardrobe, her vague, lawyerly language, and her city-hopping career reflect her voters’ uprooted, mobile lives. Studies found that those who had moved away from their childhood hometown were significantly more likely to vote for Clinton last year than those who had remained.

Clinton herself embodies the upper middle class self-image as smart and ruthless operators who “know how to work the system.” Her intelligence and qualifications seem to place her above petty concerns like honesty or ethics.


Trump is so infuriating to liberals mainly because he refuses to wear the mask of enlightened tolerance that social respectability requires.

Again, here’s the link to the whole enchilada.



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