The Google “Rape Epidemic” is Likely to Ruin the Company

What is the mission of the company?

In a previous post, I talked about why Google seems to have abandoned optimism and “futurism,” and that’s because Google is being busily converted into an arm of the Democrat Party. The company’s main goal is no longer to create new technological products and maximize shareholder revenue, it’s to monitor and crush political dissent for the government.

Another piece of evidence that the company is falling apart internally due to politics is the Google “rape epidemic” that has been tearing the company apart:

Google announced that it has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment during the past two years and sent them away without severance packages, hours after a news report that it had protected some male executives facing sexual misconduct allegations and offered them large sums to leave the company.

The surprise disclosure Thursday came in an email to Google employees from CEO Sundar Pichai. It was a direct response to a New York Times report that the company had dismissed the executive in charge of its Android software for sexual misconduct in 2014 and paid him handsomely to leave.

A spokesman for Andy Rubin, the former Android executive, said he left on his own accord and has never been informed of any accusations of sexual misconduct. Rubin acknowledges having consensual sexual relationships with Google employees that didn’t report to him, adhering to the boundaries drawn by Google policy at that time, according to the spokesman, Sam Singer.

The Times story was based on unidentified people and court documents, including some filed in an ongoing divorce between Rubin and his wife. The Times reported that Google also protected two other executives accused of sexual misconduct, ousting one with a severance package while retaining another.

In his email, Pichai said Google adopted tougher policies in 2015. Those rules require all of Google’s vice presidents and senior vice presidents to disclose any relationship with an employee, even if they don’t work in the same department or have any other potential conflict.

Although Pichai didn’t directly address the allegations against Rubin and other executives, he conceded the Times story “was difficult to read” and did not dispute it.

In an apparent attempt to assure employees that things had changed since Rubin’s departure, Pichai said 13 of the 48 workers that Google had fired for violating the company’s sexual harassment policies were either senior managers or executives. None of those 13 received severance packages, Pichai wrote.

I have trouble believing that there were 48 rapists or would-be rapists employed by Google, much like I have trouble believing in the so-called college campus rape epidemic. How many key senior executives, engineers, and innovators were among those 48 men fired over sex harassment allegations? How much top talent has Google lost because of this?

We know this moral panic at least cost them Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, who may well be innocent of any wrongdoing at all, as pointed out by Neo-Neocon.

Despite the firings, the moral panic gripping the company seems to have gotten worse because female employees are now staging walkouts over the supposed “wave” of sexual assaults that have engulfed the company. We’ve already seen from the James Damore story that Google has an ultra-toxic culture of virtue signalling, and the problem with competitive virtue signalling is that liberals are constantly questing to outdo each other.

We’re seeing competitive virtue signalling and status seeking reach dangerous levels with the panic over the “Google rape epidemic.” How is the company supposed to develop new products in such an atmosphere? The answer is they can’t. We are seeing the beginning of a long, slow decline for Google.


Written by Doomberg

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