Tee Leif Reed: GOP momentum feels dead in the water just a few days out

OK, this is just Your Uncle Bruno’s “felt sense” – so it’s essentially worthless and if you read on that’s on you.

But here it is:

Since the escapades of Cesar the Steroid Bomber and, more ominously and horribly, the Synagogue Massacre,  my gut is telling me that the Kavanaugh momentum is basically spent and the GOP momentum is now dead in the water.

That isn’t to say The Donks have momentum – I don’t feel that either.

So what it appears is that both sides have gone flat-lined right as The Finish. Tape is in sight.

Ten days ago or so the GOP had the wind in it’s sails and was catching the becalmed Donk Machine.

Now nuthin’.

So does that mean that it’s over?

No, of course not, but what little breeze there is seems petty light and I just don’t have a “felt sense” that the GOP overtakes the Donks at the finish.

This feels different than 2016.

And yeah I know Trump rallies great and yadda-yadda.

Hey, my opinion is worth Jack and we both know it.


For what it’s worth I’m steeling myself for a Donk Takeover of the House, a narrow hold in the Senate for the GOP and a near clean sweep for the DFL in the Loon & Tick state.

By Monday night I may need another pile of entrails to read.

Here, chicky, chicky, chicky…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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