Six Shooter: Watching The Coen Brothers new western anthology “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” is like panning for gold

There are times for writin’ and then there are times for cuttin’ & pastin’ and given’ ya’ll the link.

Steve Sailer at Taki’s Magazine has written a better review than Your Uncle Bruno could hopeta pen, and by a long shot.

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An anthology of six premises for cowboy movies that the Coens have come up with over the years, Buster Scruggs features a cast—the biggest names in it are Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, James Franco, Tom Waits, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tyne Daly (in, curiously, a role that would normally be played by McDormand)—whom the Hispanophilic John Wayne would have found problematically lacking in diversity. Heck, Bonanza featured more nonwhites than does Buster Scruggs

Of course, being “represented” in a movie by the mordant Coens isn’t self-esteem-building. The white characters in Buster Scruggs tend to be homicidal, grasping, or, at best, long-winded.

The only nonwhites in the entire movie are American Indians. They savagely attack twice, comically in the jokey second segment starring Franco as a lowbrow bank robber, thrillingly in the grand next-to-last episode, “The Girl Who Got Rattled,” in which a heroic wagon-train guide makes a one-man stand against a Sioux raid.

For my money, the best episode is the Tom Waits as grizzled old prospector vignette “All Gold Canyon” – a cinematic take on the Jack London tale of the same name.

The Coens are, of course, an Acquired Taste.  And the six episodes of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs can be nibbled at or gorged upon.

If you’re trying to decide about just watching a couple or chugging the whole six-pack ask yourself one simple question:

What would The Dude do?

Oh, and did I give ya The Link?


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