Should Trump be a One Term President?

Trump Travel Ban Supreme Court Declares Case Against Moot

Of course the Donk/SJW/#NeverTrump answer is a resounding YES (and an even less than one term president would be preferable.)

But I’m lookin’ at this Question Pose not from the perspective of The Downward Facing Dog but rather from a Burn This GOPe Bitch Up to the Sky type deal.

So what could be gained by El Donaldo privately (not publicly) coming to the conclusion that The Hassle going into 2020 as a candidate is outweighed by The Freedom to go “bolas al muro” and just govern scorched earth style?

A good start presents itself on December 7 when a Gubmint Shutdown looms.

If he’s thinkin’ One Term it provides the perfect launching pad for the USS Idoangivafukkeneemoar.

Start the chip hailstorm and watch the short, fine, soft animal hair go airborne.

Propose Anti-Trust legislation across media platforms, string razor wire from El Pacific-o to the Gulf of Meh-he-co – use Rudolph’s red-nose to guide a conservative sleigh of executive orders and legislative proposals so bright it lights the firmament from San Ysidro to Madawaska.

El Donaldo needs to channel Chairman Mao and let a Hundred Robert Mueller’s bloom – have The Hawkeye from Hades set loose the Mutts of Investigations with damned torpedoes speeding onward.

I mean you got Pencil Neck Schiff, Double Chin Nadler, Mad Max and the all rest of Donkdom who are gonna go batshit with committee investigations anyway, and there are stealth (and not stealth, right Mitt?) #NeverTrumper’s waiting to join in to go The Full Brutus so why not just smack ’em upside the head with a teabag fulla cojones?

It’s not like The Media are gonna be able to crank the Outrage-O-Meter up any higher. The Red Line has been The New Normal for over two years now.

As for La Familia el Trump-o, well the long knives are out regardless so why not fire all of the guns at once and explode into space?

(Trump, man, a True Nature’s Child – born to be wild?)

The added value of This Insane Plan: it tips the checkerboard, pours gasoline on it and fires ‘er up.

Besides, ain’t Freedom just another word for No Shits Left to Give…


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

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