Possible Recount Looms In Florida Senate Race UPDATE: Recount Time!

A difference of less than 0.5% triggers a recount…

100% of Florida’s precincts have reported in, and Florida Governor Rick Scott has already been proclaimed Senator Rick Scott. However, Florida’s hotly contested Senate race between Scott and incumbent Democrat Senator Bill Nelson may he heading for a recount.

Unofficial returns posted by Florida’s Division of Elections overnight show Scott with a 34,435 vote lead against Nelson. This is a difference of 0.42% out of 8.1 million votes cast across the state.

Florida law requires an automatic recount if the difference in an electoral contest is less than 0.5%. There are still absentee ballots being counted, however there is a possibility that the unofficial count will stand. That would trigger a recount of last night’s race.

This is a developing story. We will post updates as new information becomes available.

UPDATE: Bill Nelson says it’s time for a recount.

WFLA News in Florida is reporting that incumbent Senator Bill Nelson has announced that there will be a recount of Florida’s Senate votes. Senator Nelson released a brief statement Wednesday morning saying “we are proceeding to a recount.”

While much of the media had already declared Scott the winner last night, Senator Nelson never officially conceded the race.

Florida law does mandate a recount where election results are less than 0.5%. However, the recount is done electronically if the difference is between 0.25% and 0.5%. A difference of less than 0.25% requires a hand recount. The difference between Scott and Nelson sits at 0.42%. Therefore, the recount for their race will be done electronically.

Today’s announcement looks like we might have to wait a few more days to know who the eventual winner in Florida’s Senate race will be.

UPDATE: Rick Scott responds:



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