Palm Beach County Supervisor Of Elections Calls Critics Racist

Criticism of voter fraud is racist…

Palm Beach County Susan Bucher Racist

Life just isn’t fair for Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher. Florida Republicans and election watch dogs have spent the last 48 hours yelling and screaming at this hard-working government official. Why is everyone so mad at her?

Is it because she’s violating state law by not reporting election counts in a timely manner?

Or maybe because she’s currently engaged in a transparent attempt to sway an election through massive voter fraud?

Nope, it’s racism:

Susan Bucher’s excuse is that it takes a long time to count all the votes in a large county like Palm Beach. The problem with that explanation is that Palm Beach and Broward counties are literally the only two still “counting” their ballots.

Miami-Dade, the largest county in the state by far, reported 100% of their precincts Tuesday evening, as required by state law.

The counties in the Florida Panhandle suffered a direct hit from Hurricane Michael last month. Michael was the strongest hurricane on record to hit the area. Entire towns were wiped off the map by storm surge and insanely high winds.

They all managed to report 100% of their precincts Tuesday evening, as required by state law.

Perhaps the criticism rightfully leveled at Mrs. Bucher isn’t racial at all. Perhaps people are upset because Bucher and her Democrat cronies are literally trying to steal an election from the good citizens of Florida.


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