Moscow and Mogadishu on the Mississippi

Not far from where the nation’s largest encampment of homeless & drug-addicted Native Americans have pitched their tee-pees along the concrete banks of traffic flowing north by northwest on Hiawatha Avenue a horrible and towering 39 story Le Corbusier  inspired urban monolith stands sentry above the Interstate 35 & 94 spaghetti interchange in a neighborhood that 100 years ago was called Snoose Junction (because of all the Swedes and Norwegians who resided there) and is today known as Little Mogadishu.

The monstrous structure brings to mind the architectural style favored by the worst of the Iron Curtain era dictators, Nicolae Ceausescu – a soul-sucking brutalistic paean to The State and it’s ability to snuff out life or joy at any Party apparatchik’s slightest whim.

The “New Town in Town” as it was imagined by the developers and urban planning elite circa the late 1960’s was an utter failure that destroyed the hippie vibe of the West Bank and became a magnet for the bully boys spouting the “transitional housing” platitudes requisite for grabbing a piece of the power and control pie in Minneapolis.

Wikipedia has a sorry & sanitized history the project which was monikered inoffensively as Riverside Plaza

(The link is here if you want it.)

The now grey-bearded longhairs who for years lived on the West Bank under the long shadow of this shithole in the sky can attest to the viciousness with which The Locals reviled the whole damn development and for which the weasel slumlord culprits should burn long and hot in hell.

The present day tenants, mostly Somali immigrants and refugees, have no historical memory of the complex’s sordid past.

Not that they should.

Little Mogadishu, as it is now known, is a World Apart from the dope-clouded halcyon days of the now displaced but nonetheless iconic R & B venue The Triangle, the biker haven Viking Bar and the granddaddy of them all headshop The Electric Fetus.

Hey, shit happens and times change.

Don’t begrudge the Somali’s their new turf; anybody who moves from the near Equatorial clime of the Horn of Africa to the frozen tundra of Cedar-Riverside for a Better Life and a shot at the American Dream deserves a break.

Don’t however give a break to the monied elitists who have turned the rest of Minneapolis into Moscow on the Mississippi.

Read all about it here.

A taste:

Looking out the window on icy snow this cold, gray mid-November morning, it is hard not to make the comparison. Minneapolis is looking more and more like Moscow on the Mississippi.

Predictions by global warming enthusiasts not withstanding, the weather is not the only similarity.

A grayness hovers over Minnesota like a fog. It is a heaviness. It feels oppressive. The gray funk resulting from the reality that the Left has strengthened its grip on this state and its government.

The Governor-elect wasted little time announcing that we should brace for the jolt of a hefty tax increase on gasoline.

While some peasants who voted for him ask, “where did that come from?”
Others who didn’t vote for him have resigned themselves to the reality that this is a precursor of additional “revenue enhancements” to come. Of course, that means higher taxes, especially on upper income Minnesotans. They are told that they shouldn’t complain. They can afford it. And we all know that government can spend and invest their money so much better than they can themselves.

No need to donate to church or charity.



Our Leftist leaders, their supporters in the Minneapolis business community and their apologists at the StarTribune pretend we don’t see all this. They have taken to wealth-shaming any resistors. They have somehow convinced themselves that we can just continue to export wealth and import poverty without consequence. That the people who create the real jobs and those who actually pull the wagon will just have to pull a little harder. All so that the liberal politicos can redistribute the wealth that the producers created.

But, there is mounting evidence that a growing number of the very people who pull the wagon and have made Minnesota such a wonderful place are following the lead of our song birds. They are migrating. They are leaving the cold and gray Moscow on the Mississippi

The new 3M: Moscow and Mogadishu on the Mississippi.

Not what the Big Brains over in St. Paul at the original 3M had in mind – particularly when all that the Lutheran chemist who invented the Post-It Note wanted to do was keep place in his church hymnal but hey, we can all look forward to Lutefisk at Christmas…



A tip of the Strozek hat to cementer bc3b for sending The Muse for this post my way.

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