Middleton Elementary School Kerfuffle

¡Ay, caramba!

Perhaps you saw this kerfuffle.

As you can only imagine the loonie left went hysterically insane. We’ll let Jim Acosta speak for all of them:

The photo was posted on the school’s Facebook page with the caption “‘It was a great day to be a Heights Hawk! We celebrated our RESPECT character winners, single and double marathon runners.'”

An interesting note is that evidently both photos are racist. The first is racist because Trump and the second is racist because it depicts Mexican stereotypes.

¡Ay, caramba!

The 14 employees involved have been placed on paid administrative leave and the principal has been relieved. A member of the district’s crisis team is taking over day-to-day principal duties at Middleton Heights for the time being. This last bit feels a bit scary to me!

There is a petition to save the teacher and principal’s jobs:

Of course, there are three or four to have them all summarily fired and beheaded!

The first details the MSM has wrong, is that the costumes were part of a week long team building event of some sort. Secondly, I can’t find a single reference to anyone asking the question “so what was the team building event and what does ‘RESPECT character winners’ mean?” In this day and age, EVERYONE knows not to post a photo that half the country will immediately see as racist. We, on the other hand, are just a bit dismayed that the wall isn’t higher!

What are the odds the 14 school teaches got together and did something on the surface that seems really dumb? I’d say close to zero. Even in a state as red as Idaho, you’re not going to have 14 teachers in a week long seminar doing something like this without someone saying “hmmm, maybe this isn’t such a hot idea.”

Team building exercises are almost always conducted by an outside moderator. My guess, although I could certainly be wrong here, is that all the materials were provided by the moderator. Either that or these folks put a ton of time into these costumes!

Here’s something else I find a bit odd — no where is there a quote from any of the teachers that I can find on Twitter or Facebook. Of course, it might be there and they are just swamped by the zillion of posts from people who are certain they’ve found a hotbed of racism just outside Boise.

My guess is that we’re going to find out this is fake news of the worst kind. My prediction is that the teachers were involved in an exercise in understanding how people can have different points of view and how to meaningful discussions with them. RESPECT.

My other prediction is that the teachers were smart enough to keep their mouths shut and have already retained an attorney. If they were doing this team building exercise as part of a school event, which all indications say that it was, and that event damaged them professionally, they are absolutely going to sue the butts off the school district.

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