Why I’m Endorsing Michael Avenatti For 2020!

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Michael Avenatti has had a rough couple of months. First a judge ruled against his star client, Stormy Daniels, and made her pay President Trump’s legal fees.

Then would-be Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick crashed right into a mountain side when she contradicted her sworn testimony on national television. Senator Chuck Grassley has since referred the two of them for federal prosecution.

A few weeks ago Avenatti accused Tucker Carlson of assaulting a man who harassed and insulted his daughter at a posh country club.

Now, Michael Avenatti has been arrested for beating his girlfriend.

Even Avenatti’s poll numbers have cratered.

I still love Michael Avenatti, though. In fact, I’m endorsing him 100% in the Democrat presidential primary for 2020.

I’ll tell you why I might be the only one supporting Michael Avenatti for 2020.

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