Mark, people like you are Pollyannas

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Oxyguncon made a good point in a reply to my article Separating the Public Person From Their Humanity. It was going to get rather wordy so I’d like to reply here rather than in the comments.

One of the things I noted was that we have a new Governor in Colorado who is so left he’s going to make John Hickenlooper look a conservative by comparison. The fact that he’s gay is of no concern to me. He’s also a very bright guy with a long track record of substantial entrepreneurial success. Oxyguncon commented:

Oxyguncon quotes me saying “He happens to be gay which bothers me not at all.”

And yet the second you criticize his gay community on anything, you’re an eeeevil bigot. Tell him to reign in his gay activist cohorts that say, promote donating blood without telling people you’re infected with HIV or some other STD. Look at what has happened with that change of laws in CA. Its no longer a felony to not tell someone you’re infected with HIV before you sleep with them or donate blood to a blood bank.

Their fee-fees matter more than everyone else’s safety from nasty diseases. I used to be similar to you, go get gay married etc., no skin off my nose. Then I got told I’m a transgender-phobe for not wanting to date the caitlynn jenners of the world, in direct contradiction of the gay rights mantras for marriage.

Mark, people like you and Kassy Dillon are Pollyannas, screaming into the abyss like Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along!?”. The left says no. They do not believe in live and let live. Bake that cake, bigot.

To the degree I’m Pollyanna-ish, you can blame my mother. Until the day she died she believed that, in the end, people would do the right thing. Sometimes she was sorely disappointed and sometimes people showed real humanity. Only my mother would FedEx a pecan pie with the note “Pecan pie. Fragile. Please do not turn over.” Amazingly, the pie arrived in pristine condition. That may have been complete luck or some FedEx pilot might have put it in the cockpit to make sure it didn’t get damagedr; there’s no way of knowing. When I asked her why in the world she would expect the pie to arrive in good shape all the way from Memphis to Colorado, she said — and I quote — “Because I asked them to.”

Other than that one time with the Big Dogs, I don’t remember ever screaming “Can’t we all just get along?” I’m certainly under no illusion that some people don’t want to get along. However, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt with me.

A few months ago, I met a fellow who ran a non-profit and I thought I’d do something nice. I had a bunch of Denver Broncos schedules made up for their organization at no cost that they could give away at events they attended. He knew I was a Trump supporter and I knew he wasn’t but I liked the guy. When I went down to give them the schedules he and particularly his staff were openly hostile. It’s his loss and a loss to his non-profit that they evidently only want to associate with people who have the same political viewpoint.

Sometimes a person’s personal side is identical to their political side in which instance there’s no dealing with them if they’re on the left. Of course, that door swings both directions and some on the right are the same way.

It is a rather new experience for me that corporate executives, like those at Google, have merged their business side with their political side. I’ve worked for a lot of very liberal CEOs in my time but work was work and everything else — including politics — was outside of work. It’s rather mind boggling to me that there are major companies now that have said “if you’re a Republican, you’re not welcome here because you couldn’t possibly fit in our corporate culture of inclusiveness.” As they say, even irony is embarrassed.

I also reject the left’s assignment of people to groups and the requirement that they all think in lockstep. Candace Owens is being successful with #BLEXIT because she addresses people as people and not as a group. When she can get people to realize that politics is not who they are, they have this enlightenment that they can move forward without the need to be hamstrung by the Democrat party. I try to use the same philosophy that dealing with people as people is preferable to imagining that they’re all just a gear in a political machine.

To wrap up, I approach everyone as if they’re someone of value. If they’re unable to separate their politics from who they are as a person and that renders me valueless to them, then I waste no more of my life energy on them.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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