Leftists Spit On Trump After Alaska Earthquake

Vile Leftists on the attack…

Earlier today the state of Alaska was rocked by an extremely powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake caused widespread damage to property and infrastructure, and sent locals running into the streets in a state of pure panic.

The quake struck near the city of Anchorage, and officials had declared a tsunami warning after the quake struck. Luckily the tsunami warning was canceled shortly after.

President Trump tweeted words of encouragement to the frightened citizens of Alaska Friday afternoon. The president assured Alaskans that the federal government had their backs in this trying time.

Rather than coming together in solidarity with their northern brothers and sisters, however, Leftists used the Alaska quake as yet another excuse to launch vile attacks on President Trump.

Except even Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown admitted that Trump was right when he criticized the state’s fire management policies. Brown has since proposed significant changes to logging rules that may help keep California from burning down around its citizens’ ears in the future.

Oh look, a Leftist making a penis joke in the wake of a natural disaster.

Could it be that wildfires are able to be mitigated by human action, whereas an earthquake is a completely unpredictable, unpreventable force of nature?

Yeah…too bad Puerto Rico’s government is so corrupt the island still hasn’t fully recovered from Maria.

Fortunately Alaska’s government is much more competent than Puerto Rico’s.

Oh good. I was wondering when we would get around to insulting religious Americans.

Considering literally everyone (including scientists) refer to large earthquakes as “the big one” I find President Trump’s choice of words rather appropriate. Would it be possible for you to address the situation in an adult manner?

FYI, you don’t have to answer that. We already know what you’re going to say.

What kind of sick, twisted mind sees “Alaska rocked by large earthquake” and thinks “we must impeach Trump?”

The same sick, twisted mind where it’s all Mueller, all the time apparently.

Again, Governor Brown has praised Trump’s response to the wildfires in California.

But who cares about facts when there’s a Nazi Orange Man to scream at on the Internet, right?

Blue state disaster: SPEND ALL THE MONEY TO FIX IT!


Seems Robin’s right. Empathy is indeed a partisan emotion. No one knows that better than Democrats.



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Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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