Laura Loomer Threatens Lawsuit Against Twitter Following Ban

Sue ’em?

Laura Loomer threatens to lower the boom on Twitter:

Laura Loomer is the latest far-right figure to threaten litigation against Twitter, taking aim at the social networking service after being suspended as a result of a recent tweet criticizing Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat.

An activist and self-described investigative journalist, Ms. Loomer said she plans to sue Twitter for punting her from the platform Wednesday over a tweet that targeted Ms. Omar, a Somali immigrant and the first Muslim former refugee elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

“The reason I was suspended was simply for telling the truth,” Ms. Loomer, 25, said in a video statement. “I’ve been silenced in America. I’ve been silenced as a journalist for reporting the truth. It’s egregious.”

Ms. Loomer said that Twitter told her that her account was suspended because a recent tweet accusing Ms. Omar of being anti-Jewish and supportive of Sharia law and female genital mutilation violated the platform’s rules against hateful conduct.

Every time a conservative is banned, we get a fresh wave of discussion on “What is to be done” with Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Readers know by now that the big three social media platforms have been in the midst of a purge of high profile conservative users since the 2016 election, as the Democrats understand skillful use of social media was a significant factor in Trump’s victory.

There are many proposed solutions, including lawsuits, Congressional action, and antitrust action from the DoJ. Each approach has its pros and cons.

Congressional action, if taken, would need to be narrowly targeted at the specific companies that are causing the problem. Broadly-targeted legislation that made it illegal to ban someone for political views would just cause more problems, because enforcement would fall primarily on right leaning blogs while Twitter, Facebook, and Google can throw millions at lawyers.

Perhaps a better solution would be legislation defining the “public square” and ensuring that the big social media companies fall within this definition. However, again, enforcement would be difficult because the social media companies would continue banning conservatives and daring the government to take action.

I don’t think lawsuits are going to make any progress. Twitter, Facebook, and Google are all ideologically committed and will be happy to spend as much as necessary to ensure a good outcome in court. The media will also help by publicly destroying any plaintiffs which seem threatening.

Possibly the best shot we have is antitrust action from the DoJ to break these companies up. I am hardly an expert in antitrust law, but if Google, Facebook, and Twitter don’t exist anymore it’ll obviously be much harder for these companies to control the public conversation.

What do you think? What is the best way to handle this issue?


Written by Doomberg

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