It’s A Trump Derangement Syndrome Christmas, Melania!

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Trump Derangement Christmas Melania

Monday saw the unveiling of the White House Christmas decorations for the 2018 holiday season. First Lady Melania Trump once again personally designed the stunning decorations for the White House this year. Of course, just like last year, Leftists who view Christmas as an evil, oppressive holiday blasted Melania Trump for her choice of decorations.

First Lady Melania Trump’s sense of style and grace should be the envy of every American woman. The media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, however, prevents them from doing anything except viciously attacking her.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unhinged Leftist attacks on Melania Trump’s choice of decorations.

Vox: Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations have become a horror meme yet again

Slate: What Message Is Melania Trump Sending With Her Red Christmas Trees of Death?

WaPo: Melania Trump didn’t show up to explain her spooky Christmas decorations. So what about those red trees?

The Guardian: Seeing red: why Melania Trump’s crimson Christmas trees are so jarring

Read them if you dare, but be prepared to lose a few dozen IQ points.

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