Time To Give Florida The Mueller Treatment

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

florida voter fraud

Democrat Senator Bill Nelson finally conceded the Florida Senate race to Rick Scott after a manual recount showed Scott winning by 10,000 votes. Andrew Gillum conceded the governor’s race to Ron DeSantis. The 2018 Midterm Elections are finally finished in the Sunshine State. Now we can stop talking about voter fraud, the criminal ineptitude of the Palm Beach and Broward County Supervisors of Elections, and get on with our lives. Right?

Wrong! There is clear evidence of attempted and actual voter fraud in Florida. Criminal investigations are proceeding and need to be followed to their conclusions. Heads need to roll in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Florida needs a full colonoscopy if we want to be serious about preventing future voter fraud in the Sunshine State. It’s time to give Florida the full on Mueller treatment.

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