Donald Trump Calls Out Little Adam Schitt

Cue Leftist rage in 3…2…1…

little adam schitt president trump

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff has been a long time critic of President Trump. Schiff has accused Trump of everything from Russia collusion to outright treason, and has been the Democrat’s most ardent defender of the Mueller investigation.

Recently Adam Schiff has said that Democrats will challenge Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General after Jeff Sessions’ resignation. Schiff and other Democrats have called Whitaker’s appointment unconstitutional.

President Trump fired back at Adam Schiff on Twitter Sunday, and gave him a hilarious new nickname.

Was “Little Adam Schitt” a typo? It’s possible since “T” and “F” are right next to each other on a standard keyboard. It’s also highly likely that “Little Adam Schitt” was completely intentional on Trump’s part.

In either case, “Little Adam Schitt” sent Leftists into yet another fit of apoplectic rage.

The only one’s “schitting” themselves over the Mueller inquiry are Leftists who think Robert Mueller’s investigation is going to lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Trump’s going to be your president for at least another six years. Deal with it.

I’m fairly positive Trump has never demanded that anyone else act “presidential.”

Yes, Obama had so much more class than anyone ever in the history of the world.

little adam schitt obama
Pictured: class.

Until the Democrats decide to give Hillary Clinton one last crack at the brass ring before she shuffles off this mortal coil, that is.

I don’t know. Why do you think you’re a serious journalist?

little adam schitt ana kasparian
Hey, keep it north of the equator there, Chunk!


You married Woody Allen.

little adam schitt mic drop

“Using emojis in place of swear words makes me look smart!” -No one ever.

little adam schitt no

So instead of attacking the President you instead choose to attack his wife.

How brave.

Fun fact: not one of the supposed “experts” who “analyzed” President Trump have ever actually spoken with the man, nor have they actually conducted a clinical evaluation of him. In fact, these psychologists are violating the ethical standards of their profession by “analyzing” Trump from afar.

But who cares about facts when you have feelings?

I’m getting tired of Leftists calling me racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. just because I disagree with them politically.

I’m getting tired of Leftists rioting in the street because they can’t accept the results of a free and fair election.

I’m getting tired of Leftists assaulting Trump supporters and harassing Republican families in their own homes.

I’d like to say I guess that makes us even…but it really doesn’t.

Although drinking my fill of your tears whenever Trump tweets comes close!


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