Does the Media want this Tijuana Border Photo to be Trump’s Vietnam moment?

The question of The Question of the Day is this:

 Does the Media want this Tijuana Border Photo to be Trump’s Vietnam moment?

The Answer, of course, is Yes.

And they are doing everything they possibly can to Make It So.

Look no farther than the Major Play being given to the photo accompanying this post:

tijuana migrants vietnam

For those of you who lived through the Vietnam Era the picture of the “corriendo madre con sus hijos” is supposed to trigger a certain psychological “muscle memory” of this iconic image from Vietnam:

The “Napalm Girl” photo, as it was known, is often credited as The Singular Image that turned the American Public’s support for the war in Vietnam into a preference cascade of opposition.

You can bet the Tijuana Gas photo will grab the Pulitzer for photo journalism.

The Template is going to be applied.

The Media think they finally have The Silver Bullet that gets Trump.

The meme is already out there:

Take it to the bank…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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