Florida Blues: Voter Fraud In The Sunshine State

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Brenda Snipes Florida Voter Fraud

Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis both won hard-fought victories in their respective electoral contests in Florida. The Democrat party, however, has spent the last two days trying to change the results of those elections. Brenda Snipes, the corrupt Supervisor of Elections for Broward county, keeps miraculously “finding” votes for Democrats. She arrogantly refuses to answer even the simplest questions. It doesn’t matter whether they’re being asked by reporters or government officials.

Things are so bad that even Leftists are saying Brenda Snipes needs to go.

All is not lost, however. Rick Scott and President Trump are fighting this clear cut case of voter fraud in the Sunshine State with everything they have.

I’ll tell you what they’re doing to protect the integrity of Florida’s elections.

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